The Swiss Made Tourbillon Omega Replica Watches

Tourbillon Cheap Omega Replica wristwatches are lamentably commonplace in contemporary watchmaking. They are available in all shapes, sizes and axes, and some are even, horrors, downmarket. In that context it is hard to imagine, preposterous almost, a tourbillon constructed as a bona fide timekeeper, one meant to be sold as a watch that actually told the time.Incredibly, such a Omega Replica Watch does exist, albeit on that is now 70 years old.

Despite being a landmark wristwatch, the prototype is a modest affair in person. The steel case is 37.5mm in diameter, while the Omega Replica dial is two-tone and handsome, but from the outside, the watch is indistinguishable from an ordinary Omega of the same period.

Only with the steel snap-back off is the cal. 30I visible in all its raw, prototype glory. It is strikingly functional, with a two-third plate and a large tourbillon bridge.

The tourbillon is, unsurprisingly, constructed according to the then prevailing wisdom for chronometers, meaning a bimetallic Guillaume balance with poising screws on the rim and a hairspring with Breguet overcoil. The look, Replica Watches feel and history of the watch make it a supremely nerdy timepiece.

While there are much more expensive and desirable watches in the same auction, the Omega tourbillon Replica Watch is certainly one of the most substantial watches on offer.