About IWC Replica finally get tangled thousands of flying gauge

December accompany a wife to play in Seoul, to each person to buy a IWC Replica watch, because he has IWC Replica Watches, so has been to all the nations more interested in. Personally more like Portugal 7, but because of this trip is mainly the wife of shopping, so I was just a supporting role, and therefore did not grant me so much money… Ha-ha Below to share with you my Seoul purchase token it, before has been entangled in the Cheap IWC Replica of mean force really, but the two indeed is not a grade, really really on the level. To the Lotte headquarters, really force El primero is nearly 7 million yuan, the activities of the activities, really than flying meter not expensive. I rely on, is really beyond my expectations. To all the nations, the price would be no so touching, decisive to the true force to sweep goods, immediately to the credit card, have to admire the Korean waiter, she said: “Sir, before you pay to say to you, if you usually love to move, bought the Cheap IWC watch must be careful, because the high frequency movement really is fragile, and maintenance costs are relatively high.” Listen to this, my heart instantly changed, because I am a relatively thick line of people, usually love and friends to drink, wearing a IWC Replica watch is not so much attention, so determined to give up the real power, would like to see a few more duty-free shops to see the price of flying. Came after Silla, fly meter price almost, but Silla broke the tradition of South Korea duty-free shops no Panerai, although the style is not many, but the discount is not bad. Finally to Walkerhill, because South Korea duty-free qualification is every five years for a change, Walker license due next spring, so some pretty awesome discount brands, including PERREGAUX duty-free price 50 percent off, there is the best harvest is to buy my wife a classical Athens month like a lady. Looked very ordinary, but look carefully, looking more and more like a luxury, April, diamond, pearl, Fritillaria, too beautiful, because of this kind of IWC-Swiss Replica Watches no domestic price, came back to the store to consult, probably around 80 thousand yuan, but I tell you, a little more than 1/3 hand price. Finally, I was at the Lotte headquarters in Wan Guofei… To shopping in Korea we figure a victory.QQ图片20151226095156